Regional Prevention Centers

Kentucky's Regional Prevention Centers (RPCs) can help individuals and groups develop prevention programs that will encourage healthy choices about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Fifteen centers are set up to serve all counties in the state.   Prevention specialists at each center provide education and training programs, information and consultation services. For assistance with RPC prevention efforts in your community, contact the Prevention Center in your region.

Regional Prevention Centers provide the following services:   

Community Development. Assist community residents, leaders and groups in coming together to discuss their community's strengths and needs and to develop a comprehensive prevention plan.  

Consultation and Technical Assistance. Provide information and advice on effective prevention programs and strategies and how to tailor them to individual situations.  

Early Intervention Services. Provide multifaceted prevention and intervention target specific needs related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug behavior and choices for youth and their parents. The mission is to help youth and their families to learn about risks and consequences associated with alcohol and other drug use. 

Public Information. Work with local media to publicize prevention efforts and get accurate and helpful information to the public.  

Resource Center. Provide a reading room with books, documents and periodicals on prevention. Provide a link to prevention professionals and organizations across the United States and in other countries via the Internet and Regional Alcohol and Drug Awareness Resource (RADAR) Network. Collect videos and curricula on prevention topics for loan or free preview.  

Training and Education. Provide interactive training for adults and youth on how to implement prevention strategies. Train individuals and groups who will subsequently affect or train others.