What is a PES?

Prevention Enhancement Sites are empowering the communities of our commonwealth to reduce the harmful consequences of alcohol tobacco and other drug abuse, through policy change, best practices for environmental strategies, and sustained community-based support.

The Prevention Enhancement Site (PES) system was created in 1998 through a State Incentive Grant from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), to do research and provide technical assistance and training to Regional Prevention Centers and local coalitions on best practices in Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) abuse prevention. 

The PES system serves Regional Prevention Centers, local prevention planning boards, faith-based groups and other local stakeholders. PES services are provided to prevention groups in Kentucky free of charge. Working within the Strategic Prevention Framework process, the Prevention Enhancement Sites are instrumental in increasing the effectiveness of local community efforts to decrease the availability of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. A key focus of the PES sites is helping communities implement local policies such as clean indoor air ordinances, mandatory responsible beverage service and keg registration ordinances.


Other Prevention Enhancement Site

The state of Kentucky offers six Prevention Enhancement Sites that work to provide targeted information and trainings about specific substances or topics in prevention.

Alcohol Prevention Enhancement Site

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Tobacco Prevention Enhancement Site

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Marijuana Prevention Enhancement Site

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Substance Exposed Infants Prevention Enhancement Site

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Suicide Prevention Enhancement Site

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